Dragonfly AeroSolutions will provide the highest level of professional aerial services to our clients, by leveraging over 80+ years of technical knowledge and infield experiences coupled with 13+ years and over 10,000 flight hours of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) expertise. We will partner with our clients to develop new and innovate ways to meet the challenges of tomorrow, while also helping them take their existing programs to the next level. 


Our team is comprised of highly skilled, industry recognized professionals to provide only high quality services for our clients. Our team includes a Professional Engineer, Professional Geologist, certified waste industry managers and specialists and much more.


We believe in building lasting relationships with our clients through hard work, open communication and a commitment of doing things the right way. We value the safety and well-being of our clients, community, environmental and employees and will only conduct our services in a manner that reflects this commitment.


Edward Schmalfeld II, P.E. - Owner

  • Professional Engineer
  • 11+ years engineering, construction & landfill experience 
  • Former Landfill Manager at Waste Management
  • FAA certified UAS pilot with extensive flight experience

James Purvis - Owner

  • Respected waste industry veteran
  • 45+ years construction & landfill experience
  • Former landfill manager at Waste Management
  • FAA certified UAS pilot with extensive flight experience 

Scott McCallister

  • Professional Geologist
  • 30+ years engineering, construction & landfill experience
  • Former regional environmental manager at two Fortune 500 companies
  • FAA certified UAS with extensive flight experience

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